Every Cliché In Politico’s Newest Article, With Bonus Mixed Metaphors

by evanmcmurry

Democrats aiming to retake the House next year against all odds

after President Barack Obama’s week from hell

to turn today’s gift into tomorrow’s albatross

already heavily stacked in the GOP’s favor

MIXED METAPHOR BONUS: To have a prayer of flipping the House, Democrats need to turn an electoral triple play

As congressional investigations kick into high gear in the coming weeks,

MIXED METAPHOR BONUSslow off the draw as the controversies took off 

History is littered with presidents

MIXED METAPHOR BONUS: But last week’s storm was a reminder of just how easy it is for a second term White House to be knocked off script — something Democrats can hardly afford.

MIXED METAPHOR BONUS: Democrats need wind at their backs in order to net 17 seats and seize the House

THIS ARTICLE IS POINTLESS BONUS: House Democrats, meanwhile, can turn the momentum around — November 2014 is still a long ways away. At this point four years ago, few were predicting that Republicans would take the House in 2010.