Fake Crises Bad, Says Senator Who Fakes Crises, Fakely

by evanmcmurry

Obama is set to nominate three judges at once to the DC Court of Appeals (better several years late than never). The GOP is calling this “stacking the court,” even as they’re endeavoring to get rid of the three positions altogether to retain the conservative bias of the court. That’s the moral arithmetic here: Obama’s doing what a president is supposed to do (nominate judges for vacancies) is “stacking the court,” but flat out changing the composition of the court for ideological supremacy is just fine.

Still, nobody should allow Chuck Grassley to get away with the following:

“This is part of the majority’s attempt to create the appearance of obstruction where none exists,” Mr. Grassley said last week in a speech on the floor of the Senate. “It is a transparent attempt to manufacture a crisis.”

Here’s a link to the story of the debt ceiling crisis of 2011—we have to distinguish them by years, now!—but you shouldn’t really need it.

UPDATE: Jon Chait has more on how the GOP, via the Wall Street Journal editorial page, concocted the “packing the court” line, and points out that the real battle here is over Obama’s coming proposal of new carbon regulations for power plants, the legal challenges of which will flow through the DC Court. Read the whole thing.