The CBO Has A Nifty New Estimate For Deficit Scolds To Ignore

by evanmcmurry

You already knew this, but now you know know it:

The immigration bill under consideration in the Senate would reduce federal deficits by nearly $200 billion over the next decade, and continue generating savings in the years beyond, even after millions of new citizens became eligible for health-care and welfare benefits, congressional budget analysts said Tuesday.

[snip] Those changes would boost spending on federal programs, including tax credits for low-income families, health-care benefits and law enforcement, the agency found. But those costs would be more than offset by an increase in tax revenue from a larger workforce, it said. In its second decade, when people currently living here illegally would become eligible for federal benefits, the legislation would reduce deficits by as much as $1 trillion, the CBO said.

Now’s when everyone who’s spent the past three years screaming about the deficit as if the building were on fire magically decides that deficit concerns are subservient to demagoguing brown people principle.

For added irony, the response to this is “how will immigrants pay taxes if there are no jobs?!??1?!?!” Putting aside the gradually-improving job market, there are no jobs thanks to our glorious 2010-2013 run of austerity, which artificially restrained job growth, all in the name of lowering—wait for it—the deficit.