Let’s All Unite Behind Channing Tatum, Unappreciated Indie Underdog

by evanmcmurry

Come on, man:

If Channing Tatum can’t open a Roland Emmerich–directed summer movie just before July 4 — the sort of enviable situation that used to be like tee ball for Will Smith in his prime — does he even deserve his A-list status?

[snip] Hollywood wants to see Tatum succeed and will keep giving him chances to: There aren’t many men like him in Hollywood — confident, masculine team players who can switch between studio movies and indies (like this year’s Steven Soderbergh film Side Effects) with ease and good humor — and he’s got a cross-genre appeal that’s even more rare. (via)

Hollywood: the only place where a guy like Tatum is an indie underdog. You know what this story needs? A magic negro.