Fake Jay Z Show Draws Hundreds of Clueless Idiots to Bushwick

by bisonmessink


These are exactly the people you’d expect to show up to a fake secret Jay Z show in Bushwick. (Photo via Instagram user who calls herself mswellconnected)

Someone perpetrated a brilliant hoax against dim-witted hipsters on Saturday, starting a rumor that Jay Z was playing a “secret show” from a rooftop in Bushwick, a suburb of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.

Instead of blaming themselves, or the grinch who duped them, one of the attendees of the fake concert expressed her displeasure toward Jay Z (and @Beyonce) himself, for not debunking the rumor.


You’d think if these folks were such big Jay Z fans, they’d have remembered his lines from “Open Letter”:

Would’ve brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free
Except I made millions off it, you fuckin’ dweeb
I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seat
Y’all buy that bullshit, you’d better keep y’all receipt

h/t Gothamist