You Probably Should Not Drink This Hitler-Themed Cabernet Franc

by bisonmessink


An Italian wine maker is in the news again (this time the New York Times!) for selling Nazi-themed wine that the vintner insists is just a “historical line.”

Andrea Lunardelli’s wines feature photos of Hitler, Himmler and Eva Braun, along with a “communist line.”

The wines “are a way of not forgetting history and the monsters it produced, ensuring that they never return,” Lundardelli said, adding ruefully that “today’s monsters are faceless multinationals.”

The wines sell for $10-12 a bottle, though Lunardelli believes there is a vibrant black market for the wines in Austria and Germany, where the Nazi propaganda historical homage is illegal.

Lunardelli doesn’t understand the outrage against his wines, pointing out that most of his bottles are purchases as a joke — because nothing pairs with antisemitism like irony.

However it is not recommended that you pair your ironic wine with certain Caribbean social revolutions. Lunardelli had to pull the plug on his Che Guevara line when Che’s widow demanded $27,000 and 15% of the proceeds of every bottle sold in exchange for the rights to using his image on the bottles.