David Axelrod: United States in “Fetal Position” if it Does not Strike Assad

by bisonmessink

According to Barack Obama’s former campaign manger David Axelrod, the United States is in a “fetal position” if it doesn’t use military force against Syria in response to Bashar Al-Assad’s chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians.

Axelrod now works for NBC as a political analyst, but is still using heavy rhetoric to back his old boss. Appearing on David Gregory’s round table segment on Meet the Press Sunday morning, Axelrod argued that action against Assad is necessary to preserve American credibility, and to stop Assad and other enemies from using weapons of mass destruction against America and its allies.

“There’s no doubt that (Assad’s forces) are fighting side-by-side with Hezebohlah, they could certainly use (chemical weapons) against Israel, they can be proliferated from there,” Axelrod said. “And (inaction) gives the signal to everyone else, every bad actor on the planet, that the United States, the world community, is in a fetal position, and you can do whatever you want.”

To hear Axelrod speak, one would think that America had already been attacked, and that not responding would mean cowering in the face of direct aggression. The reality, however, is that Assad – as terrible a ruler as he may be – hasn’t threatened the United States. It is only President Obama’s tough talk on red lines that Axelrod is seeking to defend, and America is not at risk of appearing weak and spineless as a nation if it does not strike Assad.