Losing is the New Winning, Ken Cuccinelli Edition

by evanmcmurry

The GOP’s conservative wing is defining victory down in Virginia:

If Cooch loses narrowly (the best bet right now; the final Quinnipiac poll has McAuliffe up six, and PPP has T-Mac up seven) you will hear voices from the Right saying that if he had stuck to a consistent “I’m psychotically obsessed with Obamacare” message he’d had “energized the base” more and stolen enough crucial votes from Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis to have won.

Combine that with isolating Chris Christie as a fluke victory for a non-conservative candidate, and you have the best possible takeaway of tomorrow’s elections* for a right wing that wants desperately out of the GOP’s rebranding effort (that isn’t happening anyway). Cuccinelli’s campaign learned zero lessons from 2012, and the above spin makes sure conservatives will learn none from Cuccinelli’s loss.*

* Cooch hasn’t lost actually yet.