The Market Works, Cano Edition

by evanmcmurry

If I were better at The Maths, I’d work out a ratio between the amount a team pays a player in a massively inflated superstar contract and how much they later demand in taxpayer contributions for a new stadium to house that aging, underperforming superstar. I’m seeing a 2:3 ratio.

ADDENDUM: In response to the Colonel Drew Nilsen’s request for an example of a massive contract for a 30+ hitter ever working out, I think the closest example would be after the Sox unloaded Gonzalez and Crawford to the Dodgers. The Dodgers turned their 2013 season around *in part* due to those two and their massively inflated contracts. But this a) masks Gonzalez’s declining numbers; he wasn’t nearly as good in 2013 as seasons past, he just happened to be a decent player on a team that went on a run, and certainly didn’t contribute $25 mil worth; and b) ignores the fact that the Sox actually won the series after substantially lessening their payload.

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