Obama’s Budget Is A Being-In-Itself

by evanmcmurry

Chait nails it:

I don’t mean to go freshman year philosophy here, but the difference between a budget and an offer pertaining to the budget rests upon a distinction that eludes me completely.

Mainly this appears to be a message strategy aimed at advocates of BipartisanThink, who have been blaming Obama for failing to offer the plan he has in fact been offering. The strategy is that, by converting their offer to Boehner from an “offer” to a “budget,” it will prove that Obama is Serious.


For the strategy to really succeed, the BipartisanThinkers have to help persuade Senate Republicans to strike a deal, and then somehow get John Boehner to secretly agree with it and let it come to a vote in the House, even if almost all the House Republicans naturally vote against it.