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Ex-Red Sox Players Continue To Punish Red Sox For Trading Them

by evanmcmurry

YOUK with a three-run shot last night. Without it, Sox (Red) would have won 5-3.

Josh Reddick, by the by, one of last year’s more exciting rookies, is currently leading the Oakland As in batting average, home runs (20!), RBIs, runs, and OPS. For you more visual learners:

Reddick made life very difficult for the Sox when they were in Oakland a couple months ago.

Meanwhile, Andrew Bailey is still on the DL, and Brad Lillibridge has a .125 batting average with no RBIs; YOUK now has more RBIs in Fenway as a White Sox than Lillibridge does as a Red Sox.

So, good trades all around.

I’m No Baseball GM, But…

by evanmcmurry

I don’t like the Red Sox trade of Josh Reddick for an A’s relief pitcher. It may make all the sense in the world from a talent/roster perspective (though few of the Sox’s pitching moves have, recently), but the Sox didn’t have a talent/roster problem last year–in fact, they had the (second) best roster in baseball. The Sox had a getting drunk and eating fried chicken in the clubhouse problem, which is to say a character problem. Josh Reddick is a young, eager ballplayer with tons of promise and what appeared (I don’t now the guy) to be character; he seemed like another Dustin Pedroia. Don’t the Sox need that more than a guy who can pitch the seventh inning every few games?