Obama Either Did Or Did Not Give Gettysburg-Level Speech

by evanmcmurry


But none went so far as David Maraniss, author of this year’s biography Barack Obama: The Story, who declared, “People will long remember what Barack Obama said in Newtown … his Gettysburg address … ” And Maraniss meant it.

[…] Asked this afternoon if he stood by the grand pronouncement with some distance in the light of day, Maraniss told Intelligencer, “Of course I stand by it!”

“It does not mean that Obama is Lincoln, nor that the Newtown address will become ingrained in American history in the way Gettysburg was,” he cautioned.

Bwuh? That’s exactly what it means! That’s like saying, “This is Obama’s Waterloo, except he’s not Napoleon and he didn’t lose.”

Which is all a way of saying, man, isn’t it depressing that Obama’s given so many post-shooting spree speeches that we can compare and contrast them? (I prefer this one.)