Paul Ryan Doesn’t Like Being Questioned; So How Will He Like Debating Joe Biden?

by evanmcmurry

Paul Ryan got snippy with a Michigan reporter today who asked him how, exactly, he would create opportunity in inner cities to reduce crime. “And you can do all that by cutting taxes?” the reporter asked, in what was a definitely snarky rejoinder. “Those are your words, not mine,” said a clearly pissed Paul Ryan, who went on to mutter in aggrieved-sorority-girl tone about how, like, rude the reporter was.

Two things:

1) I finally figured out who Paul Ryan reminds me of: Chad, that insufferable douche who tortures Anna Chlumsky throughout the entirety of In The Loop. Here’s a clip.

2) More important, this is the second time Paul Ryan has lost his cool under the barest of questioning (which shows just how little he gets questioned.) Ryan’s thin skin suggests that he’s exactly how Charles Pierce has portrayed him: a con man who’s bought his own hype about how brilliant he is. Scratch his surface for specifics to back up that brilliance, and he gets real angry, real fast.

This gives Biden all the room he needs to win Thursday’s debate. Just as Biden used a combination of low expectations and sincerity to quietly and methodically show Sarah Palin to be the sneering opportunist that she was (“There ya go agin, Joe”) four years ago, Biden can now take his Unky Joe act to Kentucky and good-naturedly poke at Paul Ryan’s ridiculous fiscal magic show.

It shouldn’t take too many pokes to get the desired response. Paul Ryan is no more likely to break down and admit himself a fraud than Palin was. But Palin just got more and more stranded throughout the debate until she looked out of her depth, which she was. Paul Ryan is liable to lose his temper, which will destroy a good amount of this nice-boy image he’s got going on. And Joe Biden will be smiling throughout the entire thing.