All This Could Have Been Yours, Los Angeles

by evanmcmurry

The Dodgers are so corrupt even people who didn’t buy the team are going to jail:

Some were disappointed Cohen was swept aside at the last minute by an aggressive $2.15-billion bid by the Guggenheim Baseball Group, a initially misnamed the “Magic Johnson-led group.”

Cohen’s hedge fund company, SAC Capital, was under investigation for insider trading during the bidding process, though Cohen was reportedly not directly under scrutiny.

Not anymore.

Tuesday the Wall Street Journal reported that Cohen had been implicated in a massive $276-million insider trading scheme.

Perhaps your economic Spidey sense was tingling for good reason. Now just imagine if Cohen — widely viewed as the runner-up — had actually won the bidding. The Dodgers would have gone from bankruptcy court under Frank McCourt to criminal court under Cohen.

It remains to be seen what Guggenheim Baseball Group will ultimately be guilty of.