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The Best Way To Spot Voter Fraud Is To Be A Fraud Yourself

by evanmcmurry

There’s an old saw that censors have the dirtiest minds. Perhaps we can now create the voter-fraud-paranoia corollary to that: those who scour the earth for the voter fraud have the most fraudulent practices.

Here’s Weigel:

And add something else—the absence of any presence from True the Vote, the independent, conservative, poll-watching organization that grew out of the Tea Party.

Before I got to the polls, True the Vote had an announcement: It was going to have trouble policing Ohio’s Franklin County. In order to watch the polls and potentially challenge voters, you have to either 1) be a member of a major party or 2) get five possible watchers to sign a form saying they can do it. True the Vote filled out the forms, but the Franklin County Board of Elections rejected them, explaining that the documents might have been falsified.

That’s right: the group dedicated to exposing voter fraud falsified documents to get the credentials to expose voter fraud. Well, how else were they going to know what it looks like?

Voter Fraud: Now In New, Republican Flavors

by evanmcmurry

Republicans are so desperate for an actual example of voter fraud that they’re now qualifying disgraced Republican congressmen for the job. From the National Review:

This month, four staffers for former Michigan congressman Thad McCotter were indicted for forging signatures on petitions to place him on the ballot.

[…] Now, the Detroit Free Press reports that McCotter, Inc. had apparently been forging petitions for years, and he didn’t actually qualify for the ballot in at least the 2008, 2010, and 2012 elections. The Free Press reports that data archivists found that “in 2008, at least 67 of the 177 petition pages submitted were either copies or had been doctored by cutting and pasting dates from other documents onto the petitions.”

[…] The McCotter scandal should remind all of us that voter fraud is serious business and can be bipartisan. The laws and safeguards against it protect all of us.

Because it’s NRO, the writer goes on to spin this incident as a perfect example of why we need the slew of Voter ID laws Republicans are pushing in various states, all of which disproportionately disenfranchise minorities, i.e. Democratic voters.

Thad McCotter, NRO somehow fails to mention, is a Republican. This “voter fraud is bipartisan” stuff is nonsense, as the only people who ever claimed it wasn’t was the GOP, who swear without evidence that ACORN and illegals are throwing elections; having imagined Democratic cases of fraud on one side and real cases of Republican fraud on the other doesn’t make anything bipartisan. And, as alicublog points out, what McCotter committed was election fraud, not voter fraud, so it’s hard to see how the proposed Voter ID laws would prevent it. “The laws and safeguards against it protect all of us” part is pure bull: the right is misrepresenting the crimes of their own members to pass bills that would disenfranchise Democratic voters. That’s extraordinarily cynical.

It’s also working. The sad thing is the truest part of the National Review‘s post may be its first line: “A new Washington Post poll found that 74 percent of Americans support having voters show ID at the polls, and a full 81 percent think voter fraud is a problem.”  The right not only has people jumping at shadows, they have people jumping the shadows they themselves are casting.

Hiding In Plan Sight, Voter ID Edition

by evanmcmurry

A Pennsylvania judge has allowed the state’s Voter ID bill—the one the state has admitted will not actually stop any of the voting fraud that doesn’t actually exist—to go forward, potentially disenfranchising tens of thousands of voters, most of them (coincidentally!) Democrats.

But what about that guy who claimed the law would elect Mitt Romney, thereby showing the hand of PA’s Voter ID law as not intended to crack down on voter fraud but merely to inconvenience Obama voters? Dave Weigel pulled out the relevant quote:

So, you can now proclaim the partisan motives for a bill to disenfranchise your opponent’s supports, do so loudly, on record, on a microphone, and on video, so long as the room kinda looks empty. (It probably helps if your state isn’t covered under Section Five of the Voting Rights Act, so Texas, don’t try this anytime soon.)

Obviously a judge can’t strike down a law on the basis of what Some Dude said in a speech. But in the absence of of any compelling reason to pass the law aside from keeping Democrats from voting, the “partisan interests may have provided one motivation for the votes of individual legislators” line seems overly credulous. Can the judge name, perhaps, another motivation? At all?

Voter Suppression Is Fine So Long As It Works

by evanmcmurry

Near as I can tell, this article makes the case that voter suppression as a result of Voter ID law is fine, because a) it doesn’t happen that much, and b) Obama draws African Americans to the polls in numbers that subsume the effects of voter suppression. But a) in swing states especially, the election is decided by small margins, making slivers of turnout disproportionately important, and moreover b) isn’t the fact that Democrats have to work 4x as hard to get people to the polls is exactly the point of Republican-led Voter ID efforts?

I’ve simplified this, but not too much.

There’s No Such Thing As Voter Fraud

by evanmcmurry

A court strikes down Wisconsin’s voter ID bill:

The court found no evidence in the record presented of impersonation voter fraud which would support an i.d. requirement.  The court found credible cases of people who would have difficulty getting voter i.d. under the Wisconsin law, which the court called the strictest in the nation.

In other words, someone finally spells out, in plain English, that Voter ID laws do more to undermine democracy than the non-existent voter fraud the laws were erroneously drafted to prevent. Was this really so hard? (Via)


by evanmcmurry

Note the lack of identification on Willie. According to the right’s phalanx of voter ID bills (including the one in Tejas), one of these men is a foreign national whose vote would undermine democracy, and it ain’t the dude from Kenya. h/t Bison Messink